The Village Voice interviewed us in May 2011, check it out!

Fun in-depth interview with WMSE in Milwaukee, December 2012. interviews Hannah and Kaleb before our August 2010 show at Red 7.

Kaleb talks KU with the Onion's A.V. Club Madison and posted a review of the March 2010 show at Mickey's in Madison.

Austin Community College interviewed us as part of a story on karaoke alternatives in Austin.

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Friends of KU


Nomad, our awesome neighborhood bar in 78723 is now homebase! We'll be on hand to sing it loud one Saturday night a month. 1213 Corona Dr.


Red 7, one of Austin's best clubs in the Red River district, where we occasionally host KU for free inside.

Karaoke Apocalypse, Austin's very own live band karaoke! Punk, new wave and metal songs with you front and center.


Hannah and Kaleb play in a band called You Make Engine. Our first album is called "Everyone Dances Or Nobody Dances," download it here. Kaleb also plays guitar in an instrumental surf band called Road To Surfdom.



And Also

Punk Rock Karaoke, west coast punk all-stars, masterminded by Circle Jerks/Bad Religion's Greg Hetson, taking the classics on tour to a metropolis near you.


Punk Rock/Heavy Metal Karaoke, live band that got the madness started in NYC. Check out their DVD!




more KU videos East Coast Tour May 2011 videos!
TT The Bear's Place, Cambridge, MA
Tritone, Philadelphia, PA
The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY

Chaos at the end of the KU Matador At 21 afterparty at The Palms in Las Vegas, October 2010.

Ted Leo sings Beat Happening at the Matador At 21 show.